Better Business, Better Lifestyle

Our client Tim Campbell recently completed his purchase of the Big Frog Custom T-Shirts & More store in Cumming, Georgia.

We are proud to help Campbell make the switch from corporate life to entrepreneurship, and we are also proud to be one of his first customers.  Big Frog is a fascinating concept specializing in custom garment decorating.  Tim and his team offer a range of custom decorated products from t-shirts to athletic apparel, polos and sweats that can be customized individually with no artwork or set-up charges and no shipping charges if picked up in the store.  They can do one piece at a time (unlike screen printers) or mass production (like screen printers) with the added ability of being able to put photographs and virtually any custom design on apparel.  They actually have graphic designers in the store to help you, and their unique process is entirely green.  If you haven’t ever been to Big Frog I know Tim would enjoy having you stop by to see what they can do.

As Atlanta franchise lawyers with extensive experience in buying and selling businesses of all sizes, Shipe Dosik LLC is perfectly positioned to help entrepreneurs like Tim buy an existing franchise business. We know the nuts and bolts of negotiating and completing a business purchase, and we make sure our clients are protected legally while keeping the deal moving smoothly. We also know how to deal with franchisors, so there are no last-minute surprises on the franchise side. In a business acquisition, we add value and efficiency.

Big Frog’s talented team and advanced equipment make an unbeatable combination for custom t-shirts and other apparel. Our new law firm shirts are perfect, and we recommend Big Frog to anyone.

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