Franchise Spotlight: Sunny Street Cafe

Although we call ourselves Atlanta franchise lawyers, our clients are nationwide. Sunny Street Café®, headquartered in Ohio with fifteen locations in Ohio, Missouri, Texas, and now Alabama, engaged Shipe Dosik Law  to update their Franchise Disclosure Document and resolve a few legal issues that are common to growing franchisors.

sunnystreetlogo 300x149 Franchise Spotlight: Sunny Street Cafe

Sunny Street Café serves breakfast and lunch, creating a neighborhood destination for fresh, wholesome food and friendly service every day. By operating only from 6:30am to 2:30pm, Sunny Street Café stays focused on their niche and simplifies management with only one working shift.

From a franchising perspective, Sunny Street Café stands out by encouraging franchisees to put a personal stamp their restaurant instead of requiring strict uniformity. Franchisees can regionalize the brand menu to cater to local tastes and markets. On the brand website, the web page for each franchised location displays a picture and profile of the owner – all part of enabling each Sunny Street Café to combine the advantages of a chain restaurant with the presence of a neighborhood destination.

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