“No-Poach” Clauses in Franchise Agreements: Are Franchisors Taking Things Too Far?

By Alex Davis | November 9, 2018

In many systems, franchise agreements contain “no-poach” or non-solicitation clauses.  These clauses prohibit one franchisee from hiring the employees of another system franchisee. When an employee works at a franchise, […]


The Not-Quite-Complete List of Atlanta Franchisors

By Pete Dosik | October 29, 2018

A great number of franchisors call Atlanta their home. So many leading franchised brands are here that Ben Lawrence, a professor at Georgia State University’s Robinson College of Business, believes […]


Client Spotlight: DonutNV

By Pete Dosik | October 19, 2018

Our client DonutNV is making some hot and fresh innovations to the donut industry. Read about their story below:   Overview: DonutNV is a unique, interactive made-to-order mobile donut experience. […]


How Much Money Do I Need To Franchise My Business?

By Pete Dosik | October 14, 2018

How Much Money Do I Need To Franchise My Business?               As a franchise attorney who often advises business owners that are thinking about franchising their business, I am […]


Using DocuSign and Other E-signature Tools

By Alex Davis | September 30, 2018

Since the ESIGN Act (the Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act) and UETA (Uniform Electronic Transactions Act) were signed into law, more and more businesses have turned to […]


Six Tips For FDD Update Season

By Pete Dosik | August 9, 2018

If you are a franchisor, you must update your Franchise Disclosure Document every year in order to keep selling franchises. The FDD update can be a chaotic, complicated and time-consuming process […]


Seven Unique Legal Issues When Buying An Existing Franchise

By Pete Dosik | August 3, 2018

Buying an existing franchised business involves two separate but overlapping legal transactions: buying an existing business operation from the current owner, and buying franchise rights from a franchisor. The overlap […]


Negotiating the Franchise Lease

By Pete Dosik | July 9, 2018

When a restaurant or retail tenant is also a franchisee, there are specific challenges in negotiating the lease. The tenant/franchisee needs to carefully review and negotiate the lease agreement to […]


The Fundamental Key To Success in Franchising

By Pete Dosik | June 30, 2018

Successful entrepreneurs make taking care of customers their number one priority. Happy customers become regular customers, and they tell others about their positive experience. Unhappy customers don’t come back, and […]


E-Signatures and E-Delivery

By Kitt Shipe | May 21, 2018

Most franchisors today spend hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars and hours of time printing, binding, packing and mailing their Franchise Disclosure Documents to current and potential franchisees all around […]


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