franchise law

franchise law

helping franchisors build world-class brands

Shipe Dosik Law franchise attorneys assist franchise brands in all areas of franchise law. Over the years, we have helped dozens of franchisors in a variety of industry segments to launch and maintain successful franchise programs. Our extensive knowledge and experience in franchising allows us to help franchisors implement best practices and build profitable franchise brands.

The franchise documents that we create are streamlined, incorporate best legal and business practices, and provide superior protection for franchisors. Our franchise documents are carefully crafted to satisfy federal and multi-state requirements, saving our clients time and money as they are more likely to be quickly registered in the various states that require registration.

We represent numerous franchisors from single unit starts-ups to international multi-brand businesses. As Atlanta franchise attorneys, we work with franchisors in Atlanta and across the United States, as well as representing foreign franchisors entering the U.S. market.

We help franchisors to:

  • launch new franchising programs
  • implement best practices
  • prepare, register, and update franchise disclosure documents
  • register and protect trademarks, copyrights and patents
  • comply with franchise disclosure and relationship laws
  • negotiate and sign franchise agreements
  • create, structure, and manage area representative and master franchise arrangements
  • enforce brand standards
  • handle challenging franchisees
  • mediate, arbitrate, and litigate franchise disputes
  • manage supply chains
  • comply with franchise marketing laws
  • review technology and social media campaigns and related agreements
  • buy franchised units from franchisees
  • sell company units to franchisees
  • manage franchise transfers and renewals
  • expand to international markets
  • run profitable, “best-in-class” franchise systems

Helping franchisees pursue their dreams of franchise ownership

If you are buying a franchise, our inside knowledge of franchising enables to us to provide highly valuable advice at an affordable rate. Our in-depth familiarity with franchising and industry norms means we have no “learning curve” that costs you time or money. We offer a discounted flat-rate package to assist prospective franchisees. As part of the package, we carefully review the Franchise Disclosure Document and all legal agreements, prepare a written legal memo to you summarizing important issues, counsel you on areas to negotiate, and answer any questions you may have.

We counsel franchisees on maximizing the value of the relationship with the franchisor. We assist franchisees in negotiating with the franchisor, responding to demands and default notices, and resolving disputes with the franchisor.

We help franchisees to:

  • review and negotiate franchise agreements
  • review and negotiate area representative and area developer deals
  • form companies
  • structure agreements among the owners of the franchise
  • finance and grow their businesses
  • lease real estate
  • buy and sell franchised businesses
  • resolve disputes with franchisors, including mediation, arbitration, and litigation

how can we help you?

how can we help you?

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