intellectual property

intellectual property

Today’s businesses depend on intellectual property. Whether it involves inventions, trade secrets, or branding, intellectual property assets help businesses survive and strive in a crowded marketplace. Unfortunately, those same assets are also at risk if businesses don’t take careful steps to protect them.

Companies need to recognize the critical role intellectual property assets play in serving both their short-term and long-term goals. Shipe Dosik Law helps its clients identify and protect those assets with a customized plan designed to meet those goals.

With our deep knowledge and understanding of intellectual property law, we can help you protect your brand and other assets or to acquire other intellectual property rights you may need.

Among the intellectual property services we provide are:

  • trademark registrations
  • office action responses
  • co-existence agreements
  • oppositions and cancellation proceedings
  • patent prosecution
  • copyright filings
  • trade secret protections
  • licensing agreements
  • litigation and dispute resolution