marketing law

marketing law

A key component of a growing company is its marketing and advertising efforts. Shipe Dosik Law works with companies through all stages of its marketing and advertising campaigns. We assist with the initial ideation and trademark clearance, negotiation of key elements with partners and vendors, and the production of final promotional materials for public release that are compliant with laws and regulations. We can monitor our clients on-going social media activities on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and eBay for compliance with a myriad of regulations. These can include compliance with FTC regulations and industry best practices specifically applicable to social media campaigns, including regulations on the use of social media “influencers” used in your social media campaigns.

We also specialize in marketing campaigns with charitable organizations, often referred to as “cause marketing campaigns” – where a for-profit company sells a product and a portion of the proceeds benefits a charity. Cause marketing campaigns are subject to very specific state laws and industry best practices, and we have created standard forms and disclosure statements that are compliant with such laws and regulations.

We have assisted our clients with numerous nationwide advertising campaigns, including marketing and advertising campaigns with partners such as the American Cancer Society, Delta, Walgreens, Neutrogena and Coca-Cola. Additionally, we have negotiated sponsorships and marketing campaigns with  some of the largest sports organizations in the country, including the NFL, USL, MLB and NHL.

Specifically, our work in this area includes:

  • review of campaign materials for print, tv, radio and social media
  • trademark registration and clearance
  • sponsorship agreements
  • promotion agreements
  • digital marketing agreements
  • advertising agency agreements
  • influencer agreements
  • license agreements
  • cause marketing agreements
  • celebrity agreements
  • joint venture agreements
  • appearance releases
  • talent waivers
  • agreements with social media platforms